Sabrina Seeger


  • Phone: 518-986-3646 voice/text
  • Email:
  • vp by appointment
  • Sabrina has been a freelance interpreter since 2000. Sabrina has worked for several agencies and independently in the Capital District of New York State. She has also worked independently in various states including but not limited to NY, VT, and MA. She is also registered to work in CT. Sabrina has worked on assignments based on various College curricula at Certificate, Baccalaureate, Masters and Ph.D. levels. She has also worked in the K-12 educational setting. Sabrina also does a great deal of medical interpreting which is one of her great loves. She occasionally will do mental health. Sabrina however prefers to focus on business and community settings as well as, platform, and theatrical performance assignments. She is a RID nationally certified NIC member in good standing.

    Sabrina feels a strong connection to the Deaf community as her husband is Deaf from an all Deaf family. She is raising the next generation of native users. Due to this she feels a deep commitment in giving back to the Deaf community, not only with Pro bono work, but in volunteering to help however needed at local workshops that benefit the local Deaf community. She believes strongly in Interpreter and Deaf communities working together for the greater good.