Options Remote

Options Interpreting Cooperative offers in-person and remote interpreting service. Since the beginning of the pandemic, remote interpreting service became essential to continue providing communication access. Options Cooperative members have been providing services remotely on various platforms to meet the increased demand.  

Remote interpreting service may be available as an alternative when an in-person interpreter is not available. If the Deaf participant is agreeable to remote interpretation, they will have access to local interpreters familiar with their communication needs.

Options interpreters ensure that any interpreting provided in a remote environment is done so following the same guiding principles as in-person work. This includes adhering to the professional code of conduct, ensuring that interpreting provision occurs in a confidential environment with a solid dark background, and that our upload and download speed meet minimum standards for exceptional video quality. 

Remote interpreting can be provided with one interpreter or with 2 interpreters depending on the length of the assignment and content needing to be interpreted.

As with in-person work, interpreters in the cooperative all have their own private practice rates and terms which will be shared upon request and before confirmation.