Options mission

Do the most good by providing the greatest utility to the communities we serve.

Our Mission at Options Interpreting Cooperative is to provide quality interpreting services from qualified interpreters who are committed to practicing with the highest level of ethics and integrity within the field.  We believe in utilizing clear and fair business policies. Options interpreters possess diverse expertise in all facets of interpreting and are committed to respecting each request with the confidentiality and delicate understanding it deserves.

Options standards:

  1. Clear and fair practices for all individuals who are a party to our services.
  2. Vetted, competent and accountable interpreters are working each and every assignment.
  3. Working within the frame of upholding the linguistic and human rights of the individuals we serve.
  4. Fostering and nurturing the development of interpreters by ways of education and mentorship.

Options priorities:

  1. Raise the bar on interpreting standards and expectations of customer service.
  2. Shift the paradigm of procurement of interpreter services.
  3. Being available and accessible to the communities we serve.

All Options: An Interpreting Cooperative practitioners;

  • Are RID certified or RID certification ready (i.e. passed the RID written examination and are committed to taking the RID performance evaluation)
  • Engages in regular professional dialogue and has an ethical support community.
  • Supports the Deaf community by ways of giving back such as pro bono work, community engagement and involvement, volunteerism, and activism.
  • Maintains and exceeds national expectations of professional development and growth.
  • Upholds the linguistic rights of the Deaf community by practicing within a rights based frame of ethical decision making.
  • Advocates for the direct procurement of optimal and culturally competent interpreting services.

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